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Posts from David Niu

Unimail Culture Hits Rock Bottom and How It's Recapturing Its Brilliance

Shaving Your Head and the Other Secrets to Success of Jethro Marks and

Jethro Marks just returned to New Zealand after a nine-month backpacking trip through South America and decided that he needed to either get a job or start a business. He chose the latter and rounded up two good mates to try their hand at selling goods online. They experimented with selling books, CDs, DVDs, games, sheepskin products, Maori artwork, high-end jewelry, low-end jewelry, and even Polynesian cots.

May 17

Weekly Top HR News Articles – Week of May 14th Roundup

Malcolm Johnston has a fun interview with Rypple founder, Daniel Debow, who sold Rypple for $65 million to Salesforce. Prior to that, Daniel sold his previous company, Workbrain, for $227 million. In the interview, Daniel shares that he thinks voice recognition is the next big trend and what was one thing he bought after he sold Rypple.

No Boundaries - Leona Watson Gets Cheeky and Candid

Leona Watson's first job was working as an administrative assistant in a remote Queensland mining town making $13,000 a year. She's a self-admitted poor assistant who wasn't that great at filing and typing. But she learned the value of not limiting her role and has a "no boundaries" approach. So instead of just letting her job description define her role, she took initiative and was soon doing PR and interviews on behalf of the company. And she was only 16 at the time.

Paul Chan Chooses to Be Great at pureprofile

Paul Chan's father was an entrepreneur, so it's no surprise that Paul's first job was to work at the family business. At 13 years old, Paul started working at his father's Yum Cha restaurant in Sydney's Chinatown. He quickly learned that work could be hard. More importantly, he decided that he wanted to innovate and redefine traditional ways of working.

Rebekah Campbell of Posse Fears Missing Out More Than Failure

As an only child, Rebekah Campbell claims that she was often bored and spent her free time thinking and planning which made her quite ambitious. At age seven, she sold flowers from her house. On the first day, she didn't make one sale. Yet Rebekah noticed that cars would be driving pass her before even noticing her modest flower stand.