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Posts from Chris Rhatigan

Mar 15

5 Habits of Effective Managers

Our research has shown the vital role middle managers play in the success of employee engagement efforts. Employees prefer direct supervisors to HR or C-level executives when it comes to implementing programs. Effective managers improve retention and increase productivity.

Why Freelancers Are the Future of Work

Make no mistake about it, the so-called gig economy is on the rise. A recent study found that the freelance work has increased by 27% during the last 20 years, according to CNBC.

So What Does Disruption Mean Again?

Often corporate buzzwords get used so frequently that they lose their original meaning. “Disruption” is one of them. It seems almost every company is like a misbehaving child — intent on “disrupting” things. 

4 Disturbing Trends in 2017 That Are Killing Employee Engagement

With the US labor market continuing to improve and unemployment dropping to 4.6%, the chances of employees leaving are higher than they’ve been any time in recent years. Yet our 2017 Employee Engagement Report shows many employers are failing to take turnover seriously. In a few key areas, employees are ranking employers lower than they have in years past.

Feb 14

7 Ways to Prevent Employee Turnover in 2017

It's a fact: Some valuable employees will leave your organization this year. However, you can take steps that will make employees think twice about quitting. The dynamics of the workplace are changing quickly and it's critical to make sure your company culture is in step. Here’s a quick rundown of fundamental ways to improve satisfaction and reduce costly employee turnover.

4 Essential Tips to Shaping an Ethical Organizational Culture