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Posts from Chris Rhatigan

Apr 12

Disrespect Drives Turnover. Respect Drives Employee Satisfaction.

Our research demonstrates a clear link between an employee’s level of satisfaction with management and whether they’ll stay at their job. Managers account for up to 70% of engagement variance, according to Gallup. 

Made a Mistake? Own It

There’s an old lie in the business world that the easiest way to move up the ladder is by appearing invincible. Of course, appearance is the keyword here. If you make a mistake, simply avoid the blame. It’s almost a natural instinct in the competitive world we live in.

Mar 31

How to Use the "Big Arrow" Strategy

A new book has a controversial claim: if your organization isn’t succeeding, the problem isn’t strategy, it’s people. More specifically, it’s getting everyone on the same page, following the same strategy toward the same goal. 

The Most Important Factor in Employer-Employee Relationships

It’s easy to lose focus on what matters in terms of employee satisfaction. You focus on small perks or bonuses and lose sight of the big picture.

5 Methods to Assess Talent in Your Organization

Successful business leaders hire right. They draw from a large pool of candidates, then vet those candidates seriously. They don’t just focus on skills and experience but look for the person who will fit best with the organization’s culture and work well with colleagues. 

7 Ways to Get Support for Your Wellness Program

More than two-thirds of US companies report they currently have a wellness program, according to Forbes. As the population becomes more aware of the negative health outcomes of a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, organizations are leading the way in encouraging change.