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Posts from Carol Roth

How to Improve Your Management Style Through Employee Surveys

A recent Gallup report indicates that managers have a major effect on employee engagement — and that the rate of engagement may be at an all-time low of about 30%. You can improve these numbers in your department or throughout the company by encouraging employee feedback that pinpoints areas where you can improve your management style. But you have to tread carefully if you want to obtain accurate information.

The Not-So-Dirty Secrets to Making Performance Reviews Tolerable

There are probably as many reasons why employees fear performance reviews as there are people who receive them. While about 80% of workers are not happy with this uncomfortable process, psychologists say that about 30% of performance appraisals actually cause future performance decreases.

4 Reasons to Take New Hires to Lunch on Their First Day

According to Inc., 40% of the employees who quit voluntarily in 2013 did so within their first six months of employment. It is not surprising that income and hours are two factors that cause employees to leave, but one survey indicated that about 65% of dissatisfied employees cite the reason as not feeling valued. These feelings go hand in hand with engagement in a company. Employers that can help workers jump quickly from outsider to engaged team member have a greater chance of retaining them over a longer term.

6 Workplace Hacks to Boost Employee Morale

The success of any company starts from the inside and works its way out. That’s right — having excited, happy, and engaged employees translates into increased productivity and high-quality brand ambassadors that are able to better service customers.

How to Manage Your Company Like a Championship Sports Team

Bill Belichick just led the New England Patriots to their fourth Super Bowl win under his leadership. Controversies notwithstanding, Belichick’s management of the team has created a dynasty of sorts in New England. He’s not the only one. Whether it’s Phil Jackson’s 11 championship rings as a coach of the Chicago Bulls and the L.A. Lakers (not counting his two rings as a Knicks player) or Pat Riley’s, Red Auerbach’s, or Gregg Popovich’s long history of successes, winning starts at the top, and a great leader can make all of the difference.