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Posts from B.J. Shannon

TINYpulse Tips – Sharing TINYpulse Responses With Your Team

When we architected TINYpulse, the two main building blocks were anonymity and sharing the feedback with the respondents. There's only one thing worse than not giving feedback: giving feedback and never following up regarding the provided feedback. So we make it easy to edit and share feedback. You will also see the option to share your "Cheers Feed" and "Wall of Wins". For now, however, we'll focus on just sharing the results of your previous TINYpulse.

Aug 19

Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week- August 19, 2013

No one strives for a terrible company culture. However, many leaders either fail in their efforts to create one or never try at all. Matt Ehrlichman's recent piece gives us 6 signs that your company culture stinks. Whether you've worked for a great culture or not, if any of these are present, you know you've got work to do. From rampant office gossip to leaders with terrible habits, this article is a fantastic guide on what NOT to hope for in the journey to fantastic workplace culture.

Aug 12

Top HR and Company Culture News – August 13, 2013

While company culture is dynamic and should allow for fluidity over time, building one has to be very intentional. Scott Elser's recent Inc. piece discusses how company culture is no accident. He writes, "Too often a company’s culture happens by accident rather than design. The next time you are working on business plans, step back from the spreadsheets and product design for a while and think about what it will be like to work there in five years." With the success he's had at building a great culture at his agency, we think his advice is extremely valuable for anyone starting a new company or refreshing their company's culture.

Aug 11

Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week- 8/12/2013

We love a good infographic here at TINYhr and this one is no exception. Detailing the benefits of a highly engaged workforce, the image focuses on health and wellness programs that a company can introduce into a company to improve engagement. According to the study, 60% of employees think that their employers don't care about their wellbeing. That's a depressing statistic, considering how much time most of us spend at our jobs! On the positive side, the infographic shows that "80% of employees at companies with robust health & wellness programs feel their employer cars about their well-being." That feeling increases feeling of engagement, which improves a myriad of conditions of a company: happier employees, more productivity, lower turnover, and higher sales.

Aug 8

Top HR and Company Culture News – August 9, 2013

Startups are known for putting a big emphasis on company culture. Some startup founders have become famous for their approach to creating a great workplace environment. Dani Fankhauser's recent piece details 5 ways to build a strong culture as told by some startup founders. Including the founders of Buffer, SumAll, Stella & Dot, SinglePlatorm, and Toms, Fankauser's article gives fantastic advice to anyone who is just starting or wants to refresh their culture. From documenting your values to being transparent, this guide features some of the most popular trends in the "workplace 2.0" culture world.

Aug 7

Top HR and Company Culture News – August 8, 2013

"Good bosses care about getting important things done. Exceptional bosses care about their people." So starts Jeff Haden in a terrific Inc. piece on 10 things extraordinary bosses give to their employees. From autonomy and independence to public praise and private criticism, this list is a great tool for leaders who want to show how much they care about their employees above everything else. He writes, "Good bosses have strong organizational skills. Good bosses have solid decision-making skills. Good bosses get important things done. Exceptional bosses do all of the above--and more."