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Posts from B.J. Shannon

TINYpulse Tips: Asking a Custom Question

Companies love that we handle all the planning, thinking, and delivery to gain insights, recognition, and suggestions from their staff. At the same time, these same companies encounter atypical situations like management change, company move, M&A, etc. and would like to ask a customized question that pertains to these situations. It can also allow you to address your company's culture specifically, as each company will have their own unique cultural idenity that may need unique questions to assess changes over time. 

Sep 9

Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week- September 9, 2013

An engaged employee provides a huge difference in not only attitude and productivity, but also demonstrate a remarkable increase in the bottom line performance of your company. This fantastic infographic provides a fantastic visual demonstration of the multitude of benefits of a successful employee engagement initiative. Using the example of a 500-person company, the infographic shows how investing in employee engagement can increase employee productivity by three million dollars. No matter what size your company is, this sounds like a win-win to us!

TINYpulse Tips: Using Segments To Filter Your Responses

Since culture can be so specific to departments or locations, we've provided the ability to create segments within your account to filter results by. For example, if you have multiple locations, you can group all the employees in New York, Shanghai, and London into segments. Then you can easily see your overall Happiness results and then filter by office location. Of course you can also create segments for functions or departments, like Marketing versus Finance versus Customer Delight. This pinpoints specific areas of your company that are high performing or exhibit opportunities for improvement.

Sep 1

Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week- September 2, 2013

A job interview can be a very anxious experience for anyone for myriad of reasons. Harris Interactive recently polled 1,002 Americans about what makes them so nervous about interviewing for a new job. 92% of respondents answered that they do indeed get anxious before any job interview. Top reasons for the anxiety are: being too nervous, being overqualified for the position, and being stumped by one of the questions . Jonathan Horn's piece summarizes the report's findings very well, including the break down by education level and gender. This report can be very insightful for people on both sides of the interview table!

TINYpulse Tips: New and Improved Thank You for Submitting Page

One of the most frequent feature requests we've received is for users to be able to see all of their past TINYpulse Cheers for Peers(TM) in one place. We're happy to announce that we are providing that ability and more on our new Thank You for Submitting page starting with this week's TINYpulse! We're very excited for you and your team to be able to see all of their recognition in one place every time they complete their TINYpulse.

Aug 26

Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week- August 26, 2013

Company culture is vital for all companies, not just those in exciting industries. Scott McFarlane, CEO of sales-tax assisting company Alvalara, knows this well. Although the world of sales tax can be rather boring, McFarlane works hard to make his company culture exude excitement. Miles Kohrman of Fast Company wrote a piece on the ways McFarlane has infused color into his company culture, from wearing an orange (Alvalara's company color) piece of clothing every day to using a tiki bar as a convention booth. McFarlane stated on his company culture, ""I never wanted to give up our roots or our culture. I think culture is Avalara's competitive advantage and I haven’t wanted to change anything at all. It’s who we are and what we are."