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Posts from B.J. Shannon

TINYpulse Tips: Adding Notes

With all the rich feedback that you undoubtedly receive from your team during each week's TINYpulse, it's oftentimes helpful to add a note next to specific comments. In our experience, adding a note has had many uses, including responding to the comment for everyone to see (instead of for one person to see via private messaging), assigning specific administrators responsibility to respond to certain responses, and leaving yourself a note to follow-up to the corresponding comment.

TINYpulse Tips: Sending Private Messages

We love engaging with our clients and their staff on an ongoing basis so we can keep a "pulse" on how we're doing and how we can continually improve. One of our most popular features is Private Message, and this came from direct feedback from clients.

Sep 23

Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week- September 23, 2013

Harvard Business Review's Allison Rimm writes that around 70% of employees are not engaged at work! But as one CEO has found, asking two simple questions (and asking them often) can help boost your team's performance and on-the job satisfaction.

TINYpulse Tips: Setting Up Multiple Administrators

Most organizations that TINYpulse set up multiple administrators who are able to view and respond to employee feedback. Whether it's the executive team, department heads, or the HR team, having multiple administrators helps organizations share, analyze, and respond to the rich feedback provided. Administrators can be granted access to perform various functions and can also be restricted to one or more specific segments.

Sep 16

Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week- September 16, 2013

While workplace culture is typically created by employers, it's also on the employees to keep it going strong. Vivian Giang's recent piece in Business Insider provides employees with 3 things they can do to improve culture in the office. From participating in the perks employers offer to getting involved and trusting your colleagues, employees have it in their power to influence daily workplace culture as much as employers do.

Sep 16

TINYhr Advances In The TechFlash Cup!

TINYhr is extremely proud and grateful to have advanced to the next round of the TechFlash Cup, a Seattle startup competition. While we're excited to have reached the finalists stage with 15 other local companies, we need your help to advance!