Annual Surveys vs. Pulsing Surveys. Here’s the Difference

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Nov 17, 2014

We frequently get asked the difference between annual employees surveys and pulsing surveys like TINYpulse. We thought we’d offer up a table to help sort things out.


What the chart doesn’t show are the hidden benefits of sending out annual and pulsing surveys.

If you’ve been doing annual surveys for a while, then you probably have an incredible historical look at your environment and culture. This, of course, is great. But they shouldn’t be the only thing you do. Things can turn south fast. During those long stretches of time when you aren’t looking, you might not even notice the culture shift happening right beneath your nose. To combat this, we recommend supplementing annual surveys with pulsing surveys. This enables you to capture changes in sentiment you could otherwise be missing.

And if you’re not using employee surveys at all, we recommend starting out with pulsing surveys. They take less time to create, collect, and analyze, and are less of a burden for your staff to complete. Because they’re so fast, you get real-time and longitudinal feedback you can act on right away. And since the feedback comes in small doses, it’s easier for you to swallow and tackle as well.



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