A Tutorial for Workaholics to Relax on Vacation [Infographic]

work-life balanceThese days, it’s difficult to disconnect from work — even if you’re on vacation. There’s the thought of work piling up while you’re out. Or a process breaking because there’s no one to monitor each step. Or the company crashing because you’re not there to stop an initiative that went awry.

OK, pause.


You know you’re a workaholic if the idea of going on vacation is more stressful than work itself. A study by Harvard Business Review found that employees who take vacations are equally as productive as those who don’t. So you deserve a break. Going on vacation will help you de-stress and reenergize, making yourself more productive at work. And if you need tips on how to relax on vacation, you darn workaholic, here are some that OnlineHealth put together:

workaholic's guide to relaxing on vacation - infographic




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Sabrina Son

Sabrina Son

August 28, 2016



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