A Holiday Wish List From The TINYhr Team

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Dec 25, 2014

iStock_000034670532_SmallFrom our TINYteam to yours, we wish you the best holiday season around. This year, we asked our team what one extra-special, kind of extravagant thing they had on their holiday wish list. Turns out, our team has quite the wish list...


I already have one English bulldog, and her name is Lucille. But what I really want? TWO English Bulldogs. Then I can have a Lucy and an Ethel.

--Laura T., Marketing Director

A thriving colony on Mars.

--Becker, Developer

A ring!

--Nadine P., Employee Engagement Consultant

A pair of scuba fins with plane tickets to Thailand tucked inside.

--B.J. S., Customer Happiness Director

I want a toy goldendoodle!

--Amy C., PR

I try to go on one big trip each year, but plane tickets are expensive. I'd love an unlimited plane ticket so I go wherever I want, anytime I want.

--Sabrina S., Content Marketing Specialist

All I want for Christmas is someone to pay for my Trapeze and Straps classes! Also, I could use a sequin and/or velvet onesie, I'm flexible.

--Madeline A., Account Management

I wish for tickets to watch the Seahawks in the Super Bowl ... which of course means I also wish for the Seahawks to win the conference!

--Dora W., Content Marketing Specialist


8 developers, 2 QA members, and 1 designer.

--Dave H., Product Director


I haven't had my own car in over 15 years, being lucky enough to have had jobs I could walk to.  However, that doesn't mean I don't want a car.  A new Ford Mustangs would be nice!

--Barbara S., Office Manager


I would really like a puppy.

--Morgan N., Account Management

What’s special thing do you have on your wishlist?
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