A Cautionary Tale: Top 10 Signs You’re A Micromanager

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Dec 24, 2014

micromanaging employees in the workplaceYou’re the boss. You know how to run the show, but are you doing it by micromanaging? Bad bosses are the plague of any workplace, and sometimes they aren’t even aware their actions are hurtful. Here are the 10 signs you’re a micromanager:

  1. Hovering all day, every day: When you delegate a task to an employee, you’re constantly “just checking in.” If you had the option, you would probably embed a tracking device in your employees.

  1. Total know-it-all: You believe you can do everything faster and better than the people who work for you. After a task is assigned, you take it back when you see that it’s not going the way you think it should.

  1. Approval first, work next: It’s great when employees take initiative and jump on a project. But, you think it’s even better that they run everything by you—even the most basic task.

  1. Your way or the highway: When you assign out a task, you also assign out the “how.” You need to make sure employees are performing the task the “right” way.

  1. All in the details: Discussions never seem to go anywhere. You continue to gather input but keep asking questions in hopes of finding that perfect decision. Fact is, you’re beating a dead horse by doing that.

  1. Everything matters: You want to keep the project moving, so every task is equal in importance. From a design’s font size to its overall layout, you believe an employee must put equal amounts of focus into all parts.

  1. Work keeps piling up: You don’t trust your employees enough to task out the work, or you like keeping the fun, creative parts of a project for yourself. And you’re wondering why you’re drowning?

  1. No excuse for days off: There’s a zombie apocalypse outside? You’re still working. You’re afraid that everything will go to chaos if you’re not there to lead (control).

  1. Unmotivated team: Your team’s production rate is low, and they’re avoiding going to your meetings or talking to you. You can’t be the one to blame, right?

  1. High turnover: You’re unable to retain employees. Sure, they were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when they first started, but you’ve worn them down and now they’re out the door.

If any of those traits sounded familiar, then you’re due for a change. Every employee comes from a different background, so you’ll have to trust their way of doing things. Redefine priorities so you can focus on the big picture. As a manager, you’re there to manage the team as a whole, not every single detail. Lastly, take a cue from Disney’s Frozen and let it go. The workplace isn’t a one-person show. If you provide the proper direction, employees will rock the rest for you.



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