9 HR Thought-Leaders to Follow in 2018

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Dec 12, 2017

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Need a new resolution heading into 2018? Forget dieting and gym memberships. Why not commit to being a better manager and growing happier employees?

This resolution isn’t as hard as you may think. You can get started by updating your Twitter feed to show the latest news in employee engagement, leadership, and HR best practices. By reading one article a day, you can improve yourself and influence your company.

Not sure where to begin? Here is a list of 9 HR thought-leaders to get you started:


1. Steve Boese / / @SteveBoese


Image of Steve Boese

Steve is a leading voice across multiple HR channels. He co-hosts the HR Happy Hour Show and Podcast and generates great content for Fistful of Talent. Through his twitter, Steve shares interesting videos, audio recordings, and articles that span a wide range of HR topics.

Examples of Steve’s Tweets:

  • From the Big Fundamental, via @kris_dunn VIDEO: Using BHAGs as a Goal Setting Technique for High Performers… http://bit.ly/2l09789
  • #HRHappyHour - CHART OF THE DAY: When does work usually get done? - A few years ago I wrote about a study that concluded that the optimal day/time to conduct a job interview was exactly 10:30a.m. http://bit.ly/2l09789


2. Meghan M. Biro / / @MeghanMBiro


Image of Meghan M Biro

Meghan is CEO of Talent Culture, an online community that enables deeper exploration of the human side of business. Meghan places special focus on #worktrends and shares rich articles on culture change, leadership, and other HR best practices.

Examples of Meghan’s tweets:

  • The 5 Ps of Culture Management: http://bit.ly/2kYUPV4
  • How to Navigate a Successful Culture Transformation Process (Part 1) — very informative article by @_ShaneGreen (@_SGEi President): http://hrmfv.co/2g28 via @achievers#WorkplaceCulture#Leadership #CultureTransformation



3. Brigette McInnis-Day // @BMcInnisDay


Image of Brigette McInnis-Day

Brigette is the EVP of Human Resources at SAP. She leverages her twitter to share insights ranging from culture change and the future of work, to digital transformation and diversity in the workplace.

Examples of Brigette’s tweets:





4. Laszlo Bock // @LaszloBock


Image of Laszlo Bock

Laszlo is the former SVP of People Ops at Google who published “Work Rules”, which shares insights from his time at Google that are intended to help readers change the way they live and lead. Laszlo’s twitter account is a blend of personal thoughts and shared insights from the world of People Ops.

Examples of Laszlo’s tweets:

  • We all wait too long to fire "brilliant jerks." But it's almost always the right thing to do. http://bit.ly/2kPjOtF
  • Check out this excerpt from Work Rules! by @LaszloBock to figure out how to ascertain the best talent! http://bit.ly/2cB92RF




5. Jason Buss / / @jjbuss


Image of Jason Buss

Jason is a leader focused on global talent acquisition and diversity. He draws from is expertise as founder of Recruiters.Network to share meaningful insights in talent recruitment.

Examples of Jason’s tweets:

  • The Key to Increasing Diversity in the Tech Industry >> http://tinyurl.com/y7wzbmmv #recruiting #hr #diversity
  • 2017 #Job Trend Prediction 3: Shifts away from "flashy benefit packages" #Tech#TalentTrends#recruiting@GDforEmployers





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6. Ben Eubanks / / @beneubanks


Image of Ben Eubanks

Ben is a human capital industry analyst, co-founder of the HRRevolution movement, and writer for upstartHR. Ben uses twitter to share HR research findings and blog posts with industry insights on topics including performance management and the employee experience.

Examples of Ben’s tweets:




7. Alexander Kjerulf / / @alexkjerulf


Image of Alexander Kjerulf

Alexander is the Chief Happiness Officer at Woohoo inc and author of multiple books, including “Leading with Happiness” and “Happy Hour is 9 to 5.” Alexander uses twitter to share research pieces and other content about happiness in the workplace.

Examples of Alexander’s tweets:

  • Yale professor: Trying to motivate people with bonuses, raises and promotions make us LESS motivated, effective and happy at work. http://bit.ly/2z1P8KS
  • Alexander Kjerulf: Bad Leaders Cause Unhappy Employees http://bit.ly/2iSDusA





8. Lan Nguyen / / @lnguyen3997


Image of Lan Nguyen

Lan is the co-founder and CEO of ManageUP PRM. She focuses on driving employee engagement within healthcare to enhance patient care. Lan uses twitter to share leadership and employee engagement insights that, though more specific to the healthcare industry, can be applied to leaders at all levels.

Examples of Lan’s tweets:






9. Ally Bunin / / @AllyBunin


Image of Ally Bunin

Ally is a leader in employee engagement with extensive experience in creative communication. Ally uses twitter to share a range of HR insights with a specific focus on employee engagement and the employee experience.

Examples of Ally’s tweets:




Now that you know where to start, are you ready to take action? Spend a few minutes a day challenging assumptions and learning something new. It may change the way you think and improve your leadership.  

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