7 Things Employees Are Thankful For This Holiday Season

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Nov 23, 2014

11108133566_bddc3d0b73_mThanksgiving is just around the corner. As we prepare for travel, family, and an abundance food, let’s not forget all the things that make this day worth celebrating.

 If work isn’t one of those things, you’re being shortsighted. Consider all the things a great work environment can provide:

 1. Great coworkers: The people that surround you all day can make or break your mood and, at times, your performance. It’s because of this that employees would probably say having a good relationship with their coworkers is one of the biggest reasons to be thankful at work, and the number 1 reason that they choose to go the extra mile in their job.  

 2. Good benefits program: Health insurance, a 401k program, paid time off…among others, these employee benefits can make a huge difference in whether or not an employee sticks around for the long-haul. Make sure your company is doing everything it can to provide for your employees.

 3. Flex schedule: Stayed up too late watching Walking Dead reruns and missed your alarm? Don’t panic, you’re not fired! Flexible hours mean that you can tack some time onto the end of your day or plan to come in a little earlier tomorrow and still be on the boss’s good side. Now that is definitely a reason to be thankful.

 4. A supportive boss: Having a boss that is on your side can make a huge impact on your overall success. Unfortunately 49% of employees are not satisfied with their direct supervisor. Unsupportive, nagging bosses inhibit your growth both personally and professionally. But a great boss can push you to be your best and help you find your strengths.

 5. Work-life balance: It’s hard to determine what a work-life balance looks like for each individual. But once achieved, it can mean the difference between being a happy employee and a disgruntled one. Stay tuned to two factors: achievement and enjoyment. These are great indicators as to whether you have found that perfect balance.

 6. Easy commute: Not a lot of traffic, a window seat on the bus, or the ability to grab your double tall latte on the way. What constitutes as an easy commute is different for everyone. But we can all agree that an enjoyable commute can set the stage for a winning day.

 7. Growth opportunities: Why stick with a company if you’re never going to move up? Especially since 66% of employees don’t see opportunities for professional growth.  Knowing that there are growth opportunities within a company, and that you have potential to take advantage of them, is a huge reason to be thankful. More dollar signs in the future? Yes please.

Even if you find a connection with just a couple of these reasons, you can count yourself lucky. It’s important to bring light to the bright spots in your day, and especially to your professional space. So don’t forget to thank your boss, coworkers, or the bus driver for all the reasons that make you thankful for them.


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