5 Key Phrases You Need To Use To Recognize Your Employees

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Jan 24, 2015

phrases for employee recognitionIt’s National Compliment Day. Time to dish out your favorite flattery to everyone you know—and yes, that means your employees too.

However, our research has found that a surprising 21% of employees say they feel strongly valued at the workplace. And 55% of workers would leave their current job for a company that clearly recognizes their employees. So far, the outlook is bleak. But we’ve said it before: lack of appreciation is the culprit.

Here are four powerful phrases you can use to for employee recognition:

“Great job! How did you do it?”

We know, saying “great job” can sound insincere, but only if it’s the only thing you’re able to muster. Back up the phrase by expressing your interest in their work. By asking them to teach you their methods, you’re playing the equality game and showing them you respect their skills.

“You’ve really made an impact here.”

Employees want to know they’re making a difference in the company. This is especially true for millennials with 95% of them being motivated to work harder when they know how their work affects the organization. Saying this to employees lets them know that you’re taking notice of their work, and you appreciate their efforts.

“I trust your judgement.”

But make sure you’re being genuine so employees don’t think you’re being sarcastic. This phrase gives employees the highest level of appreciation: trust. It shows them that you recognize their ability to make the right decisions that will lead to the organization’s success. And not only that, but you’ll also ensure that employees will go above and beyond to meet your expectations.

“Thank you for … “

And obviously, the tried-and-true magical words: thank you. Make a significant impact in an employee’s day by justifying why you’re thankful. Maybe the employee took on a project last-minute. Or perhaps they stayed late to help their colleague. Whatever the reason, let them know you’re grateful for their efforts.

We’re not saying you should only reserve your compliments for today. Recognition should be handed out frequently—that is, if you want engaged employees.



The Effects of Employee Recognition & Appreciation Report by TINYpulse
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