4 Tips To Showing An Investment In Employee Engagement Surveys

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Nov 6, 2014

Let’s say you’re an enlightened manager, the kind that genuinely cares about your employees and wants them to be happy at work. You just got on the employee engagment survey bandwagon and can’t wait for your employees to be just as excited.

You’ll obviously need an employee survey that rocks, and you can read about how to do that here. But before you get your survey on, get ready for a commitment—a commitment to act that is. These four go-to best practices will show your employees your commitment:

  1. Explain the survey: If you want your employees to complete the survey, give them a heads up. Let them know it’s coming, why you’ve decided to implement it, and what you plan to do with that information. Having that understanding helps them get on board.

  2. Share all feedback: You’re about to hear good news, but you’re also about to hear bad news. You must be ready to share all of that news with your team. This builds trust and is a sign that you’re receptive to hearing everything they have to say.

  3. Schedule review meetings: Don’t expect that you’ll remember to schedule meetings to review survey feedback with your team. Put a recurring meeting in everyone’s calendars to review feedback at least monthly. It’ll keep you honest.

  4. Do something with that feedback: Listening without action leads to disengagement.  A truly committed manager takes advantage of this wealth of knowledge and puts it to action.

When our clients invest in this process, they can get high response rates week-over-week. The reason? Commitment. Employees see their leaders actually acting on their feedback. It encourages them to keep on sharing more great thoughts and ideas.

So, before you even get started crafting your employee surveys, ask yourself if you’re prepared for this process.  If the answer is “yes,” you’re one step closer to really getting your team on board.




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