4 Strategies for Recruiting New College Grads

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Jul 7, 2016

4 Strategies for Recruiting New College Grads by TINYpulseThis year, the market for college grads is supposed to be the strongest in recent years at all levels, according to Bloomberg. It’s a seller’s market, and companies seeking new talent will face stiff competition. 

But your company can stand out from the crowd by adopting tactics designed to attract college grads. This is a group that’s less focused on a certain salary number and more focused on building a good life.  


1. It’s not just about salary

A LinkedIn survey found that younger employees believe that compensation should be highlighted in a job posting. But they have a broader conception of what that means, including perks, health benefits, and other advantages. With the recent focus on attaining quality health care, it’s no wonder that new college grads will be looking for a career with a comprehensive package.


2. Emphasize work culture

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Companies are increasingly using photos of real employees engaging in activities both directly related to work and to the company’s culture. It’s not just about employees having fun at a happy hour or playing Ping-Pong. These might be images of your team working outdoors or actively collaborating. Social media provides an ideal way to tell your company’s story. 

The most successful companies bringing in young talent are using these tactics. Take Silicon Valley tech company Evernote. Their careers page clearly demonstrates the laid-back, modern vibe of the company’s approach to doing business. Make sure that you’re being genuine — savvy young consumers can spot a fraud from a mile away.


3. Demonstrate real values

This generation wants work with a sense of purpose. They don’t want to punch a clock and get a paycheck at the end of the week. They want to change the world for the better.

Almost nine out of ten millennials are saying that it’s important for businesses to do more than just be financially successful, according to Deloitte. If your business doesn’t appear ethical and responsible, new college grads are likely to pass on working for you.  


4. Use social media

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It’s no secret that these graduates will be much more comfortable with technology than previous generations. After all, they don’t know a world without technology. Expect that successful recruitment strategies will continue to find new ways to embrace technology. More and more, companies are using social media to tell their story.  

Inc. magazine reports that 45% of managers believe that video resumes will be commonplace in the near future. Millennials are more likely to respond to these nonconventional recruitment tactics, with 67% using social media and 89% using their phones to find work. LinkedIn is the most common place to go, as 40% of all job seekers are using the site. Expanding beyond these sites to Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest will be the way forward for many companies.

By responding to what new college grads are looking for, your company can position itself to bring in new talent with fresh ideas. TINYpulse




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