35 Tips to Simplify Employee Engagement

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Jun 18, 2016

35 Tips to Simplify Employee Engagement by TINYpulseEngaged employees are invested in their jobs. They seamlessly get along with their coworkers. They believe in their work and their companys mission. Basically, theyre true believers in the organization. And you need people like that in order to build a successful business. Yet according to Gallup, only 31.5% of employees are engaged. Thats only one-third of your workforce.

Good news: Improving employee engagement doesn’t have to be exceptionally difficult. Here are 35 tips that can simplify your efforts:


1. Eliminate your dress code

Does your company have an archaic dress code that doesn’t allow your staffers to say, wear shorts during the summer? Get rid of it, or at least tone it down a bit. (Unless, of course, your company requires formal business dress.)


2. Adopt flexible schedules

Instead of requiring your employees to be in the workplace between a set period of time each day, let them make their own schedules. As long as they continue to do their jobs well, does it really matter when they work?


3. Recognize your employees’ efforts

Your employees work hard every week. If you want to increase engagement, recognize them for their efforts on a regular basis.


4. Let workers wear multiple hats

Doing the same thing over and over again can become monotonous. If your workers want to get involved with projects that other departments are tackling, let them (at least occasionally).


5. Encourage collaboration

Two minds are often better than one. In addition to helping your employees form tighter bonds with one another — which increases engagement — collaboration usually results in a better final product.


6. Invest in team-building activities

According to our Employee Engagement Report, the number one thing workers like about their jobs is their colleagues. Make team-building activities a top priority, and engagement will increase.


7. Devote resources to professional development

A majority of workers (especially millennials) care deeply about opportunities to develop professionally. Yet only 25% of employees feel as though there are enough opportunities at their jobs, according to our engagement report.


8. Pay your employees well

Nearly 25% of workers would take another job for a mere 10% raise, our engagement report revealed. When it comes to compensation, be generous.


9. Install a couple nap pods

Your workers can’t reach their full potential if they’re always exhausted. Invest in some nap pods, and let them take a load off.


10. Have walking meetings

Sitting around the same conference room can get tiring. When the weather’s nice, have walking meetings. Your team will love it.


11. Feed your staff

Who doesn’t like a free meal? You don’t necessarily have to feed your staff breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But a nice catered meal from time to time does the trick.


12. Sponsor the occasional happy hour

Engage your staff outside of the office environment by scheduling a happy hour every so often. Whatever you do, don’t make your employees, who earn less than you do, pick up the tab.


13. Treat employees equally

Want to disengage your staff? Show favoritism. To keep your employees engaged, treat them all equally. No one gets special privileges.


14. Give your employees the tools they need

Your employees won’t be psyched to show up to work if you’re still using decade-old technology. Invest in modern tools that make work easier.


15. Survey your team regularly

Instead of waiting until the end of the year to check in with your employees, utilize pulse surveys to find out how they’re feeling in real time.


16. Allow your employees to work from home

Countless studies show that remote workers are happier than their chained-to-the-desk peers. Since happier employees are more productive, letting your staff work from home from time to time is a no-brainer.


17. Upgrade your benefits package

It never hurts to enhance your employees’ benefits package. Whether that means increasing paid time off, upping your 401k contribution, or maintaining a fully stocked kitchen at all times is up to you.


18. Distribute workloads evenly

Don’t let certain members of your staff get away with barely pulling their weight. Everyone else will notice, and they won’t like it.


19. Build an awesome work culture

According to our engagement report, work culture is strongly correlated with employee happiness. Build a strong culture, and work hard to maintain it.


20. Redecorate your office occasionally

Looking for a team-building activity? Have your staff redecorate your office (within reason) once a quarter.


21. Schedule a company potluck

Let your employees show off their cooking skills by hosting a company potluck. It’s a team-building activity that feeds people. What’s not to like?


22. Celebrate employee birthdays

Make birthdays extra special by celebrating with cake and a team lunch.


23. Eliminate busywork

Every job has its proverbial TPS reports. Examine your work flow to see what unnecessary items can be taken off your employees’ plates.


24. Deal with the bad apples

If you have an employee who’s causing problems, don’t let that behavior continue. Deal with it immediately. That doesn’t mean you have to terminate one. Give them a chance to change.


25. Improve work-life balance

Your employees can’t work in perpetuity. Understand what work-life balance is, and work hard to achieve it for your team.


26. Hire for culture fit

The smartest worker in the world won’t help your team if they have a awful, negative personality. You’ve built a great culture. Make sure you hire people who fit in.


27. Be transparent

You can’t expect your employees to be brutally honest if you hide things from them. Whenever possible, be transparent.


28. Treat your staff like adults

You didn’t hire your workers to micromanage them, did you? Your employees are adults. Treat them as such, or they’ll become disengaged.


29. Lead by example

Nobody likes a boss who expects so much out of their staff but refuses to work hard themselves. Lead by example, and your employees will follow.


30. Promote from within

Since employees are interested in career development opportunities, promote managers internally whenever possible. Everyone else on the team will see it and know that it’s possible to climb up the ladder.


31. Switch to an open-office layout

The guy who invented cubicles went to the grave hating his creation. That should tell you all you need to know.


32. Have an open-door policy

The easier it is for your employees to approach management, the more likely they’ll be to do so. Keep your office door open, and encourage your staff to stop by and chat.


33. Reexamine your onboarding process

A lackluster onboarding process turns out new hires who aren’t completely engaged. They don’t know what’s what. Engagement starts with onboarding, so be sure your process is strong.


34. Stress the importance of health and well-being

Employees can’t reach their full potential if they’re exhausted or sick. Let your workers exercise during the day if they want to.


35. Laugh on a regular basis

Your company has work to do. But that doesn’t mean people can’t have fun. Try to laugh often — and encourage your staff to do the same.

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35 Tips to Simplify Employee Engagement by TINYpulse



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