2015 Happiest Company Award Winners Announced Today

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Jan 20, 2015

01_HCA_Overall_Winner_(1)When I started working on the 2015 Happiest Company Awards, I was really excited to showcase all the great organizations that use TINYpulse today. We spend more of our waking hours at work than anywhere else. Organizations that use TINYpulse not only understand this but go out of their way to make sure those hours are productive and engaging. 

There are, however, a select few that really stand out. These are the organizations (and implicity the leaders that run them) that go out of their way to inject dynamism and passion into their work environments. Our 2015 Happiest Company Awards celebrate these achievers. Managing people is tough, and these are the organizations that are really doing it right. 

I'm excited that we have three award categories to highlight all the great workplace achievements accomplished this year. 


HCA_BannerWhat does it take to be ranked the happiest company around? A lot! Managers must be mentors and guides, the organization must be transparent and embrace open communication, and employees must be supportive and spirited. Winning this award is no easy feat, and the organizations that came out on top in 2015 are going above and beyond to create the kind of dynamic environments we should all be lucky enough to be a part of. 



TINYpulse users are one of the most progressive sets of companies around. These are the folks that care so much about employee engagement and satisfaction that they proactively look for solutions to measure and improve sentiment. And the winners of The Raising The Bar Award show a continued dedication to these tasks: sucessfully increasing their happines scores over time and improving workplace satisfation.


ERA_BannerOur last award really embraces the fact that peers and colleagues are the biggest drivers of employees going the extra mile. Organizations winning The Employee Recognition Award are places where high fives and appreciation reign supreme. These are the places where employees know they are truly valued for the work they do.

We'd like to congratulate this year's winners for their accomplishments. And we can't wait until this time next year: when we get to crown the 2016 winners! 





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