Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – September 29, 2014

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Sep 29, 2014

Employee-engagementEmployee recognition is meant to boost an employee’s performance. It should motivate. It should reward. It should satisfy. But all too often management attention stops at deciding what the recognition will be. After that it’s just waiting for the performance to happen, for the recognition to be offered, and for the planning for the next go-round. Talent Culture author Tim Wright shares what he calls 3 Sparks To Recognize And Engage Employees in this recent article.

Richard_BransonSir Richard Branson - founder of Virgin Group - is set to remove limits on the amount of holiday Virgin employees can take each year. Taking a cue from Netflix, the Virgin boss believes that stripping away the company’s holiday policy and allowing staff members to take breaks when and as often as they wish in the hope it will boost morale, creativity, and productivity. Think he's crazy? Read more in this piece by Business Insider's Miranda Prynne and decide.

FreedomEverybody makes mistakes. But while mistakes can be scary and costly to businesses, the best managers know that great employees need the freedom to make mistakes if they are to learn and grow. So how can you create a culture where employees are ok to make mistakes? Contactzilla's Kylie Whitehead has some fantastic tips for making it happen! Check out her article "Why You Need to Give Employees the Freedom to Make Mistakes."

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