Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – August 11, 2014

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Aug 11, 2014

happiness-sunflowerForget success. Forget fame. Forget fortune. Happiness is what we are all really searching for. And's Jeff Haden has the secret to unending happiness, and it starts with an app called Happify. So, can the science behind this system stack up? Jeff Haden seems to think so. See for yourself in this recent writeup, "15 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Happier."

fitbitAre you determined to improve the wellness of your employees? You must might want to start with wearable technology. And no, I'm not talking about Google Glass. By incentivizing - and measuring - physical wellness with the help of wearable tech, you can make huge improvements in the health of your team. Check out these 4 ways wearable devices can promote employee wellness from Entrepreneur author Lisa Evans.

Marc-Ecko-ListeningWhat are the characteristics of a great leader? Would you be surprised to hear that the best leaders are often the best listeners? That's exactly what Molly Reynolds says in her recent post for See why she says that better listening can often lead to stronger strategy, deeper loyalty from employees, and even better productivity in her post "Better Leaders are Better Listeners."

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