Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – July 7, 2014

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Jul 6, 2014

employer-employee alignmentOn paper, employers and employees are supposed to be in alignment on both organizational and individual aspirations. So why is it that such alignment rarely occurs in reality? As a leader, it's your job to find that answer. You can start by reading this piece by's Ilan Mochari on employer-employee alignment. It points out some vital flaws that could be keeping you from creating harmony in your organization.

Great leadership qualitiesWhat makes a great leader? Is there some sort of magical power bestowed by a corner office, luxury car, or mahogany desk that many top executives aspire to have? Or does great leadership begin with great qualities? Forbes author Tanya Prive would argue that it's the latter. To find out just how far she believes characteristics like honesty and communication can take you in your career, check out her post on 10 qualities that make a great leader. It may provide a great opportunity for self-evaluation!

Cranky Co-workersEvery business has them: cranky co-workers. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a company who doesn't have a crabby employee (or two, or three...) But before you decide to give these curmudgeons the boot, you might want to learn why business author Jessica Stillman says that these "haters" may be among your most productive workers! Read on in this piece for entitled, "Haters more productive?"

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