Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – June 23, 2014

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Jun 23, 2014

New_DeskFor years, there’s been increased tension between the old and new ways of working. Imagine an employee telling his/her boss only a few years ago that the office is lacking foosball tables and a kegerator, two items which are now considered part of a good "startup culture!" Curious to see what other trends you can expect to become more and more commonplace in upcoming years? Fast Co. author Jessica Leber has the answers. Check out her 3 trends that are changing the way we work today to get a head start on preparing for the future of work.

leadershipAre you having a tough time hanging onto your employees? It may not be a problem with your culture, management, or workload. In fact, it may be a simple case of math. In his recent Forbes business piece, author Cameron Keng says that companies who expect to retain employees for at least two years may be in for a sudden departure. See why he says employees have good reason to leave your company - regardless of your culture - in this incredibly insightful article.

Leader-bossWhat are your shortcomings as a leader? If you can't answer that question immediately, you may not be what Forbes author Maseena Ziegler calls an "authentic leader." And as employees place more and more emphasis on the culture of a company and their relationship with managers, there has never been a better time to find out whether your management style is up to par. To find out how you can become a more authentic leader, take a look at these 5 counterintuitive traits you need to develop to be an effective leader.

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