Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – June 9, 2014

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Jun 9, 2014

bad_communicationIn any business, managing people can be an art. After all, you've got to worry about egos, expectations, productivity, and a slew of other factors. If you want to have success as a manager - regardless of your company's size - you've got to communicate well with your workforce. What happens if you don't? Well, we'll let business author Frank Gruber answer that question. In his recent piece for Tech Cocktail, he reveals the problems that come when you stop communicating with your team.

cultureAre you honest as a manager? Fair? If so, you're already doing some of what "Evil HR Lady" Suzanne Lucas says are 7 ways to create an awesome culture (without perks.) What else does it take? Well, according to her you need to be able to fire a worker who has become dead weight! Sound harsh? It's not as bad as you think. Check out all the rest of her fantastic tips in this must-read article for

business-planHow would you define your company's culture? If you're part of a startup, it's likely that your company's personality mirrors that of its CEO or founder(s). So how do you keep that culture on track as a business grows and people come and go? To get an idea, check out Jim Dougherty's piece for Harvard Business Review on the difference strong, purpose-filled culture can make. He gives a fabulous example of how far culture can go to define an outsider's perception of your business. I think you'll enjoy it.

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