TINYpulse Tips – Adding a Custom Logo

The ability to add a custom logo is one of our most exciting and useful TINYpulse features for a number of reasons. This logo will be used anytime we send a TINYpulse survey, reminder, or Cheers for Peers notification, meaning that your emails will now be customized with your company’s branding. This allows your users to instantly recognize that the weekly survey they are receiving comes from you and is a part of your efforts to give them an open, safe, and anonymous way to voice their thoughts and feelings about their workplace.

This is a tool you should definitely be taking advantage of to elicit higher response rates with your TINYpulse surveys. Here's how it works:

Add Your Logo

To get started, you’ll want to click the “Account” link in Settings area of your deashboard. From there you’ll notice just below your organization’s details is the area where you can upload your company’s logo.



If you would like to see how and where your logo will be displayed in your weekly TINYpulse emails, simply click the link here for “view a preview” and you will be shown an example of how your logo will be displayed to your team!


Uploading Your Logo

To upload your logo, select a file from your computer using our simple image browser (files can be uploaded in either .png, .jpg, or .gif format.) Once your upload is complete, simply click the refresh button and you will be able to view your logo!

Your logo will be resized to fit perfectly into your TINYpulse emails regardless of the size or resolution of the image you’re using. If you prefer not display your logo in future emails, you can click "disable" and your logo will no longer be shown. And if at any point in the future you would like to replace this logo with another version or with a new logo, you can upload your new logo image and it will be shown in place of the existing logo.



As always, if you have any questions about this or any of our TINYpulse Tips, feel free to email us at happiness@TINYpulse.com.

Jimmy Winskowski

Jimmy Winskowski

June 02, 2014



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