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Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – April 28, 2014

Written by Jimmy Winskowski | Apr 28, 2014 9:28:25 AM

What do the tech world's most successful startup leaders have to say about growth? Find out in this article from Entrepreneur.com writer Mitchell Harper. He shares 13 growth hacks that every executive should consider when seeking to start, scale, or halt growth on their own business. See which CEO says that growth should require zero marketing, and which says that too much growth nearly killed him!

Has procrastination become your enemy? Business author Leo Babuta says that simply telling yourself to suck it up and get working won't always go as planned. Check out his latest post on FastCompany.com, where he shares 10 awesome tips to stop avoiding the inevitable and get even your most dreaded tasks done.

Jacqueline Whitmore is not only an expert on etiquette, but the founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach. According to her recent article for Entrepreneur.com, many business owners are making 6 major mistakes that hurt the happiness and productivity of their team. See what she suggest to combat these blunders and foster more happiness, better retention and even better production.