Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – March 17, 2014

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Mar 17, 2014

happy employeesAt TINYhr, we believe that if you are going to spend half of your waking hours at work, then you ought to enjoy it! In addition, there is increasingly more data pointing to the positive byproducts of a happy workforce - better productivity and a boost in retention. In this AOL Jobs feature, "Top 5 Things Employees Need to be Happy & Productive," see which 5 moves you can make to increase the happiness levels of your team!

Positive-Workplace-CultureDespite breathtaking advances in communication technology, many people still feel miserable and disengaged at work. How can we, as people managers, change that? author Beth Kuhel has a few suggestions, including cutting down on the number of managers employed by your organization! See what else she included in her list of 6 steps to increase productivity, motivation and engagement.

happy-project-team-togetherIs there a relationship between the engagement level of your employees and the loyalty of your customer base? HR data analyst Bill Hanifin's answer is a resounding "YES!" Find out why he is so "bullish" on the link between employee engagement and customer loyalty in this recent interview with business behavior expert Paul Hebert.

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