Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – March 3, 2014

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Mar 3, 2014

Employee Engagement ChallengeWhat are the biggest challenges for your employees in 2014? According to recent surveys, getting a pay raise and/or looking for a new job rank high on the list. Which of the two will your workers seek out this year? Find out what the data is indicating and how you can keep your employees engaged in this article from HRE writer Andrew McIlvane, entitled "The Engagement Challenge for 2014."

Collaboration at WorkAre you fostering, nurturing, and incentivizing collaboration in your workplace? If not, you may be inadvertently building competition within your team. In his recent post for CMSWire, Luis Suarez addresses the challenge and the opportunity to turn your business into a collaborative machine! Find out what benefits you might be missing in this piece, The Future of Collaboration.

Happy Employees
Do happy employees actually work harder and more effectively than unhappy employees? We think so. And so does Business News Daily's Nicole Fallon. We loved her latest article, which gives 5 ways to help keep employees happy! How can you help your workers love their job? Check out her five tips and let us know which works best for your business (we love #4.)

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