Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – February 17, 2014

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Feb 17, 2014

AppleWhat comes to mind when you hear the words "work-life balance?" Is this simply an excuse for lackadaisical work habits? Or is there a deeper connection to overall wellness? According to Chris Boyce, CEO of Virgin Pulse, the link between companies that provide robust workplace wellness programs and sustained employee engagement is strong. See what else he suggests for showing employees you care (and reap the benefits.)

happy-employeesIn many organizations recognition and financial reward are joined at the hip. But if financial incentive is your only method of doling out recognition and engendering loyalty to your company, you may be making a big mistake. This week on Forbes, Meghan M. Biro writes about the ever-growing need for HR professionals and business leaders to find more effective ways to give proper employee recognition. Could you be doing more? Read her 5 ways leaders can rock employee recognition and find out.

Horse-on-a-bargeHow do you create, nurture, and solidify a company culture when the entire company is working remotely? After all, many companies place a high value on in-office meetings, competitive games of ping pong, or enjoying drinks together at the end of a work week. Conversion Rate Experts, a TINYpulse client and remote workplace based in the UK, has built a thriving culture despite a lack of shared office time. If you're trying to make remote work a bigger part of your company, their culture manifesto is well worth the read!

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