TINYhr Announces Launch of CLIENTpulse

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Jan 28, 2014


TINYhr is excited to announce the launch of our newest offering, CLIENTpulse. In a nutshell, our TINYpulse clients wanted us to develop many different offerings for their business. The most popular request by far was to provide them the same insights and trends that we do for their employees, but for their clients.

CLIENTpulse is launching as a lightweight solution to help organizations stay close to their clients and learn where they are excelling and where they need to improve. Other online customer feedback survey tools are difficult to consistently use, do not automatically send reminders, aren’t optimized for mobile, and have sparse reporting. CLIENTpulse addresses these issues by delivering a simple yet robust solution that provides leaders a blueprint on how to improve and alerts them about what clients are at risk.

The CEO of buuteeq, Forest Key, recently said about CLIENTpulse, “Clean, simple, actionable. Wow.” CLIENTpulse bridges the void created for leaders like Key after new clients are passed on to account managers by helping them maintain a consistent, objective pulse on client satisfaction.

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CLIENTpulse CEO, David Niu, says, “Even for our own offering, I craved consistent client feedback to continually improve. However, the online options we used to survey our clients didn’t send automated reminders, didn’t schedule regular pulses, and didn’t present the insights in an easy manner to share within our organization. This helped inspire CLIENTpulse.”

Any organization can sign up for a free trial at CLIENTpulse.com. After signing up, they’ll be able to see:

- Which of their clients are at risk

- Which of their clients are happiest

- Benchmarks to compare their results against other organizations

- Rich client feedback, including suggestions on how to improve

To learn more about CLIENTpulse, please visit www.CLIENTpulse.com.

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