Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – January 20, 2014

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Jan 20, 2014

Great culture begins with great leadership and a commitment to values. And this week we put a focus on what managers can do to improve morale and get more out of their workforce. If you're looking for a few quick tips to help you make big improvements in 2014, read on and see what some of the best business authors in the business have to say.

Re-Engage EmployeesWhat do your employees receive from you for the work they do? A paycheck? That may not be enough, says author Suzanne Lucas. In her recent piece for, she gives five simple examples of how to reward an employee for performing as expected. She also has one drastic piece of advice to use when your employees aren't matching up to expectations...

Female-WorkerThink running a business is hard? Try being an employee. A recent survey shows a huge discrepancy in the level of satisfaction experienced by employers and their workers. The Washington Post's Jena McGregor goes into more detail on her recent breakdown, "Your boss likes her job more than you." See why many employees say the greater satisfaction isn't always worth the trade.

generations21Building the right team to run your business is a challenge every executive faces. How do you go about hiring the right people? If you're anything like CEO Michael P. Gregoire, you might be making one extremely common mistake. Think you're in the clear? See what Vivian Giang calls one of the worst mistake managers make.

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