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Time for Annual Reviews? Try Using Cheers for Peers!

Written by Jimmy Winskowski | Jan 7, 2014 8:37:01 AM

As you prepare for your company's Annual Reviews, we want to share a quick tool that will allow you to get a much more complete view of your employees: Cheers for Peers! Our research shows that an employee's rating of his/her co-workers is one of the top factors affecting both happiness and engagement. And a great way to see exactly your employees think of one another is to review the Cheers for Peers they've received over the past year!

Here's how to see the full list of Cheers for Peers for each of your employees:

First, sign into your TINYpulse dashboard. You'll see a link for "Cheers" on the left.

From there, you'll be able to see all of your employees and the total number of Cheers they've received and given. And now you can easily sort this list to see which employee has given or received the most Cheers for Peers. You can even filter by a custom date range, making it simpler than ever to encourage peer-to-peer recognition!

With all of these new features, we suggest putting on a competition centered around this type of quality recognition. Our new custom filter and sort features will make it a breeze to determine a winner.

If you would like to view the Cheers for Peers a particular worker has received, simply scroll down to the desired employee and click the "View Cheers" button.

Voila! This will take you to a full list of all of the Cheers for Peers given to the particular employee, separated by week. This is an excellent resource for gaining more insight into an employee's relationship with his or her co-workers, and a great tool to use for Annual Reviews!

We'd love to hear how you're using Cheers for Peers (or other TINYpulse features) in your annual reviews! Leave a comment below, or share with us via email (happiness@tinypulse.com) or on Twitter (@TINYpulse)