What are we thankful for this holiday season? You.

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Dec 17, 2013

Happy Holidays from TINYpulse

It's the time of the year when we all take a little more time to focus on what really matters, what we're thankful for, and the people we care about most. And at TINYpulse, the thing we're most grateful for is our fantastic customers!

As part of our values, we donate 1% of our product, profits and time. Because of you, we are able to extend donations to the following organizations:

Habitat for Humanity
Breakthrough New York
Maryknoll Sisters
Milipitas Unified School District
Bard Highschool Early Colleges
Greenwood School

Each week we receive hundreds of messages from TINYpulse users around the world. They share ideas, help us create new features, and tell us how our product effects their lives. So this holiday season, we decided to get together and recognize some of the amazing feedback we've been getting for the past year.

Check out what each of our team members chose as their favorite customer feedback:


Zach, Senior Developer

You Said

"Our employees think TINYPulse is fun, and it gives them a voice. They really feel like we care about them."

Zach Says

We work hard to make TINYpuse simple and fun and it makes me smile to imagine companies like the one that left this getting excited and openly communicating. It's exactly what we're hoping for and it's wonderful to know that we're improving peoples lives one group at a time. :)


Jimmy, Marketing/PR

You Said

"Just received my first TINYpulse cheers. It couldn't have come at a better time! If only I knew who sent it, I'd like to give them a hug!"

Jimmy Says

It's great to see how much a seemingly small thing like "Cheers for Peers" can have such a strong impact on employee happiness. It's clear that taking a moment to share the love with a "cheers" has the power to affect someone's mindset, attitude, and commitment. It makes me proud to be a part of a product that facilitates these positive interactions!


Cristina, Copy Creation

You Said

"I just sent off, like, 5 Cheers, and every time I do, it feels like I am sending out a package of joy. I imagine the recipient getting their Cheers, and the second they open it, a blast of multi-colored air smelling like victory rushes out of their computer monitor, and then about a thousand trumpets all blast into a joyful noise, and the recipient of the Cheers stands up whilst everyone around them stands up and claps voraciously."

Cristina Says

Given how important team members are to employees, and how good it feels not just to get but to give positive feedback to the people you work with, it's great to provide a tool that makes this channel so easy for organizations to implement!


Becker, Senior Developer

You Said

"You guys rock. Chocolate fish all around."

Becker Says

This spawned a lot of conversation about what exactly chocolate fish are. We ended up talking a lot about Cadbury and it was a lot of fun learning about the culture of New Zealand, where chocolate fish come from. We still haven't seen that package of chocolate fish, though. Hmmm...


BJ, Customer Delight

You Said

"We've been gathering the answers from TINYpulse almost a month, and morale and satisfaction in the company has increased enormously."

BJ Says

I loved this feedback that we received through our CLIENTpulse survey about TINYpulse. It reminded me of what our core focus is: making employees happier. Hearing that companies are accomplishing this through the use of TINYpulse makes me love my job even more than I already do (which is a lot to start with!)


Alice, Office Manager

You Said

"Hi TINYpulse Team! Are you able to help me decide which console to get; Xbox One or PS4? The only games I play are NBA2k and FIFA. I dont play any exclusive games. At the moment I have xbox360 which I am pretty happy about, but Iwould not hesitate to switch consoles. Thank you and have a terrific day."

Alice Says

This person actually sounds serious about seeking advice, and it really shows that they really respect the opinions of our team. Even if they weren't completely serious, this message speaks to the close connection we have with our users, which is the foundation for why companies continue to subscribe. It speaks volumes of our customer service and I would parallel to Zappos' customer service - which is a HIGH bar.


Adam, Junior Developer

You Said

"TINYPulse has been helpful for us to open up a dialogue with our employees and encourage free, open communication. Not many company cultures encourage free communication without the fear of retribution. This is what we are trying to encourage with our staff and TINYPulse has been a helpful piece of that puzzle."

Adam Says

This means a lot to me because when I got my presumed 'dream job' at Lab/Cor as a chemist I felt like I had been granted the key to a world where I would be free to exercise my passion for and ability in chemistry. However, this was all stifled within weeks of working there when my suggestions were repeatedly shot down and seen as a challenge to the authority of my boss whose education had become obsolete in the field and who repeatedly took shortcuts in his work. It's awesome to see the way TINYpulse is allowing so many employees to have the opposite experience, freely sharing their suggestions and having them recognized!


David, Founder & CEO

You Said

"This tool has made a tremendous impact on our work environment in a positive way. Our staff can't wait for every week's question and feedback. We have a very open and transparent culture and share the feedback with them. We put our feedback through a text analysis tool and can identify themes which we then work on as a management team."

David Says

There are so many to choose from, but this one really resonated with me. Their organization embraces transparency and openly shares the feedback with the staff to spark positive change. I'm sure this contributes to why the team can't wait for every week's question and feedback via TINYpulse. Finally, they are pushing the envelope and sending the feedback through a text analysis tool. This highlights areas where we can continue to improve TINYpulse for them. Thank you!

Please leave a comment below and let us know what you're grateful for this holiday season!

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