TINYpulse Tips: Previewing Your Next TINYpulse Question

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Dec 9, 2013

While TINYpulse provides the question for each TINYpulse,  administrators are enabled to preview the next TINYpulse question and edit them or create their own custom question. 

To access this feature, log into your TINYpulse dashboard. From there, you will hover on "Manager Pulses" and click on "Next TINYpulse." You can see how to do this in the image below.



From there, you will be take to the preview page and presented with three options. If do nothing, the default question will be asked. Otherwise, your options are:

1. Delay and ask custom question

This option will allow you to ask the custom question, while simply "pushing" the current week's question back to be asked as a part of your next TINYpulse survey (e.g. the following week.)

2. Skip and ask custom question

Run into a question that just doesn't seem right for your company? This is the option for you. This will allow you to completely replace a TINYpulse question, and it will not be seen in any following weeks.

3. Edit Question

Love the question but need to perform a few edits to the wording? Click "Edit Question" and you'll be able to tweak the current week's question to best describe your organization's specific needs.


Have questions about this or any other TINYpulse feature? Feel free to send us an email at happiness@tinypulse.com!

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