TINYpulse on the go? See why Andy Liu of BuddyTV loves TINYpulse

1 min read
Nov 18, 2013

When we caught up with TINYpulse client and BuddyTV CEO Andy Liu, he made no mistake about the ease and convenience of tracking his company's culture using TINYpulse despite a busy schedule:

"I love using TINYpulse primarily because I'm constantly on the road. It's great to see the pulse of the company, seeing what people's reactions are with the company and what their thoughts are...I'm able to be thoughtful in terms of, 'Hey, how do we build culture within BuddyTV?' Very thankful for the product and I think you're going to really enjoy it. Give it a shot and you'll see what I mean."

How do you put a value on knowing your employees' thoughts, ideas, and concerns, all delivered to you conveniently no matter where you are? And with TINYpulse's mobile and tablet views, you can view this information simply and perfectly on any device.

You can check out Andy's full video testimonial here. To happier employees!

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