TINYpulse Tips: Postponing a TINYpulse Survey

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Nov 18, 2013

Whether it's for an all-week offsite meeting, a holiday, or any other event that keeps your employees out of the office, some weeks are not ideal to pulse your employees. TINYpulse offers the flexibility to postpone your next survey by one week or more within your admin dashboard.

To postpone your upcoming TINYpulse survey, simply hover over "Manager Pulses" then click "Next TINYpulse" to get to the page below. 


To postpone the next scheduled TINYpulse by a week, click the button where directed. You'll see a confirmation window pop-up:

Once confirmed, you'll see that your next TINYpulse is scheduled one week later. You can click and confirm this for as many weeks as you'd like to postpone the next TINYpulse survey.

To cancel the postponement and have the TINYpulse survey sent to your staff as originally scheduled, click "Cancel Postponement" on the same page. You'll be prompted to confirm the cancelation of the postponement.

If you postpone your TINYpulse survey, the next survey will go out on the selected date and then continue on the previously selected rhythm going forward.

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