Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – November 11, 2013

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Nov 11, 2013

This week's top HR posts focus on getting the most from your team. Whether you're having trouble identifying top employees, looking to foster a more open, authentic company culture, or trying to boost retention, you'll find some great ideas to hep you get there. Take a few minutes to read these insightful posts and be sure to share your favorites with us by leaving a comment or mentioning us in a tweet.

happy-manIf you ask Talent Culture founder Meghan Biro, one reason many companies don't achieve an open and genuine office environment is that too many of us have a "work self" and a "real self." But if you want extraordinary results, you need employees to bring the total package; You need all of their gifts, ideas, and even flaws. Learn how to get more from your team by reading her recent Forbes post, 5 ways you can help your team "keep it real" at work.

Diversity in the Workplace
Like quick posts? You'll love this one from Fistful of Talent's Kris Dunn. He breaks down (with extreme brevity) the three types of workers in your company and explains why you might actually be disincentivizing some of your most driven, dedicated workers. Stop this from happening. Instead, learn how to develop your team and help the cream of your crop rise to the top.

engaged_groupWe're all racing to fill our teams with the best talent possible. Keeping that talent around (especially with Millennials flooding the workforce) can prove just as big a challenge as recruiting them in the first place. Major companies like Marriott and Southwest are finding that retaining great workers isn't all that complicated. Harvey Deutschendorf shares their technique in this post on the simple secret for finding and keeping great workers.

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