Millennials in the Workplace - #smalltalksSEA Roundup

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Nov 6, 2013

Millennials continue to be a hot topic for startups and big businesses alike, with leaders seeking to gain an understanding of how to harness the talent of Generation Y workers. At a recent Impact Hub panel discussion titled "Millenials in the Workplace," Seattle's tech community was treated to some great insights on hiring, managing, and thriving with Millenials.

TINYhr founder David Niu joined moderator Jimmy Kwan and moderators Forest Key, Amy Balliett, and Zach Cohn to talk all things Millennial. The result was a deeply educational look into the personal and professional experiences of key players at some very divergent companies. Take a look at a roundup of the tweets that were sent out during the event and what audience members thought of the panel's take on "Millennials in the Workplace."

(Want to see a great infographic about the event or view the event recording in full? Just scroll to the bottom of the page.)


Attendees were definitely ready to get things started. And why not? The evening started off with some great food and a chance to meet and greet/do some networking.

Millenials vs. Older Generations

The first round of comments focused on the difference between Millennial workers and their Gen X/Boomer counterparts. How do they differ as employees? As managers?

Are Millennials Narcissistic?

Some of the main stigmas attached to Generation Y center around the idea that they are difficult to work with or narcissistic. What did our panelists have to say?

A Millennial-Friendly Workplace

How does a company make their workplace more attractive for Millennials?

Are all Millennials Unhappy at Work?

Another stereotype regarding Generation Y workers says that they are not easily satisfied and are likely to jump ship after a year or less, looking for greener pastures. How do you motivate and inspire Millennials to view your company as a long-term opportunity instead of a brief stepping stone?

Q & A

Before the event started, panel organizer Jimmy Kwan asked a few questions and these are the top responses he received from attendees:


In Closing

We had a great time at this fabulous HUB #smalltalksSEA event. What are your thoughts on managing Millennials in the workplace?

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