Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – November 4, 2013

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Nov 4, 2013

This week's HR and company culture news is going to help you discover the real reasons your company is falling short of total employee nirvana. Are you struggling with employee engagement? Looking to solidify a culture that workers will commit to? Or are you missing the goal altogether? Take a few minutes to read these insightful posts and you may find the answer you need.
It's no secret that Millenials have a reputation for being job shoppers who can't commit to a company. But why? Is it narcissism? Egotism? According to Rayanne Thorn, the problem may lie in your company's inability to create a culture worth sticking around for. Check out some great tips for creating commitment through company culture.

happy-project-team-togetherWith all the talk about work perks, some companies are beginning to mistake fun and games for quality employee engagement. But real engagement goes way beyond playtime; It's about getting employees onboard with your company's vision and, more importantly, your company's mission. This fantastic piece from Meghan Biro reveals the one question you need to answer if you want your team to be truly invested.

mountain-gorillasDavid Burkus thinks focus is a bad thing. At least it can be. Why? Focusing too much on the task at hand can keep you from seeing what's most important, and can be a complete killer to your innovation. You might call it "the gorilla effect." See why Burkus says your focus is actually distracting you.

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