TINYpulse Tips: Adding TINYpulse to Your Safe List

by Jimmy Winskowski on Nov 1, 2013, 2:41:00 AM

It's time for another TINYpulse Tip, and this week we're going to show you how to make sure that TINYpulse is on your safe list. This will ensure that you never miss an email from us (especially your weekly TINYpulse surveys.)

Because we know that many of you are using either Gmail or Outlook as your main email portal, we'll be including instructions for both. If you are using a different service to access your emails and would like to know how to add TINYpulse to your safe list, send us an email at happiness@tinypulse.com.

Adding a Safe Sender in Gmail

Making sure you never miss an email from TINYpulse is easy to do using your Gmail account. Just follow these simple steps:

1. From your inbox, click "Contacts" (either in the "Mail" dropdown menu or in your google navigation menu on the top of the screen.


2. On the "Contacts" page, click the "Add Contact" button and enter the address: happiness@TINYpulse.com


3. That's it!

Adding a Safe Sender in Outlook

1. In Outlook 2010, under "Home" click on the "Junk" dropdown.
2. Select "Junk E-mail Protection"


3. The popup will have three sections. Click "Safe Domains."
4. Enter "TINYpulse.com" in the box.


5. That's it!

Adding a Safe Sender in Outlook

1. In Outlook 2003-2007, under "Home" click on the "Junk" dropdown.
2. Select "Junk E-mail Options"

Junk E-Mail Options

3. Click on the tab for "Safe Domains" and click "Add"

Safe Senders List

4. Enter "happiness@TINYpulse.com" in the popup. Click "OK."

Add Safe Sender Outlook

5. That's it!

Following these steps will ensure that you will never have to worry about TINYpulse emails ending up in your "Junk" box. Be sure to share this post with your team to make sure they are receiving their weekly TINYpulse surveys; These surveys will provide you with invaluable insight, so the more responses you can garnish, the better.

If you have any other questions about adding TINYpulse to your safe list, please reach out to us at happiness@TINYpulse.com.

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This post was written by Jimmy Winskowski