Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week – October 28, 2013

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Oct 28, 2013

GoogleplexGoogle has come to be known as much more than a tech giant; They're also a leader in keeping their employees happy. In fact, they've become almost as famous for their over-the-top perks as for the online services they provide. How did they reach this point? Farhad Manjoo says it all came down to a detailed analytical view of their employees...
Boomers, MillenialsEveryone is looking for more satisfaction at work. For some, that may mean additional money, but others want more holistic perks. According to Huff Post blogger Leah Eichler, even if salaries may never return to the levels our parents (or grandparents) saw, Generation Y is MUCH better off than the Baby Boomers. See why she says don't worry (about earnings,) be happy!
NHSNo organization is too small or too big to put a greater focus on honesty, transparency, and engagement. Sarah Johnson from The Guardian writes that the UK's National Health Service is one such company that could benefit from the instillation of a new culture. Is TINYpulse in their future? See why it should be.

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