TINYpulse Tips: Adding Notes

by B.J. Shannon on Oct 7, 2013 1:04:00 PM

With all the rich feedback that you undoubtedly receive from your team during each week's TINYpulse, it's oftentimes helpful to add a note next to specific comments. In our experience, adding a note has had many uses, including responding to the comment for everyone to see (instead of for one person to see via private messaging), assigning specific administrators responsibility to respond to certain responses, and leaving yourself a note to follow-up to the corresponding comment.

In true TINYpulse form, adding a note is simple!

Notes can be added to any qualitative response to the weekly TINYpulse question or Virtual Suggestion. To add a note, simply click "+ Add Note". A text box will appear for you to enter your note.


Deleting notes are as simple as adding them. One click and voila, it's gone!

Provided you don't delete the note, it will appear in the share back report that you create for your team!

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This post was written by B.J. Shannon