TINYpulse Tips: Setting Up Multiple Administrators

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Sep 16, 2013

Most organizations that TINYpulse set up multiple administrators who are able to view and respond to employee feedback. Whether it's the executive team, department heads, or the HR team, having multiple administrators helps organizations share, analyze, and respond to the rich feedback provided. Administrators can be granted access to perform various functions and can also be restricted to one or more specific segments.

The Aministrator page will give you access to several functions relating to managing administrator privileges. From this page, you can manage current administrators by assigning different roles and activating/deactivating them; invite new administrators; and view the 4 levels of administrator access and permissions. 

To navigate to the Administrator page, simply hover over the "Settings" tab on the dashboard and select "Administrator" from the drop-down menu.


There are 4 levels of administrator access and permissions:

  • Super Admin- Has ultimate access across all segments. Plus the ability to update billing and manage other administrators and users.
  • Admin- Similar to Super Admin and can view all segments but cannot update billing details.
  • Manager- Segment specific access. Within their designated segment, can view, share results, send private messages, and add notes.
  • Viewer- Segment specific view only access.

A more detailed depiction of administrator access and permissions is located at the bottom of the Administrator page.

You can also invite new members to be administrators by entering their information in the section depicted below and then selecting their role based on their managerial functions and permissions you would like for them to have access to. 

To change roles or activate/deactivate exisitng administrators, simply find their name under the 'Manage Administrators" section. You can also assign managers to certain segments, as well. 

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