Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week- September 9, 2013

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Sep 9, 2013

10982792-win-win-strategy-concept--white-chalk-writing-on-a-small-slate-blackboard-isolated-on-whiteAn engaged employee provides a huge difference in not only attitude and productivity, but also demonstrate a remarkable increase in the bottom line performance of your company. This fantastic infographic provides a fantastic visual demonstration of the multitude of benefits of a successful employee engagement initiative. Using the example of a 500-person company, the infographic shows how investing in employee engagement can increase employee productivity by three million dollars. No matter what size your company is, this sounds like a win-win to us!

leadershipWhile company culture is a product of everyone at the company, the company leader needs to epitomize that culture more than anyone else. Paul Spiegelman's recent piece for Inc. explains why leaders need to exemplify their culture as an extension of their own personality. He states that it's a leader's role to keep the culture alive and well so that employees want to continually to live and work by it. He writes, "As a leader, you can and should delegate most of your company's day-to-day operational work to those who have the talent to do it. But you can't abstain from your responsibility to create the culture that drives your company's potential success."

smiley faceWe all want to be happy at work; that's nothing new. The big question is how we CAN be happy; thankfully, Gretchen Rubin is willing to teach us how. Providing a menu of 18 things we can do to increase our happiness, Rubin's ideas are simple and exceedingly achievable. From making sure to spend time outside to improving your sitting posture, these tips are an easy way to boost what many consider a difficult result: being consistently happy at work.

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