Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week- September 2, 2013

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Sep 1, 2013

interview6A job interview can be a very anxious experience for anyone for myriad of reasons. Harris Interactive recently polled 1,002 Americans about what makes them so nervous about interviewing for a new job. 92% of respondents answered that they do indeed get anxious before any job interview. Top reasons for the anxiety are: being too nervous, being overqualified for the position, and being stumped by one of the questions . Jonathan Horn's piece summarizes the report's findings very well, including the break down by education level and gender. This report can be very insightful for people on both sides of the interview table!

6763_company+culture_jpg-550x0We all know that creating a healthy company culture is crucial to a company's long term success. While "culture" can entail many things, one of the most important aspects is that the culture of a company helps build a community of support across the company, especially if it has several offices. A recent blog post on this subject provided a list of ways a company can facilitate a company community. From internal newsletters to cross-office visits, these strategies are an effective roadmap to facilitating happiness among employees through community building. The post concludes with, "In all, communities include elements of friendships, stability and respect. Establishing such a culture is almost more important than keeping employees well paid or busy. Though no one happiness factor alone can push the needle into employee bliss, this one comes closest to making the rest of your employee engagement efforts meaningful."

cutcaster-photo-100211561-portrait-of-woman-shouting-in-loud-speakerWhile getting feedback from employees is a wonderful start, managers need to take action on that feedback to make employees feel truly valued. “If you are going to ask for opinions, it is incumbent upon you as a leadership team to act upon the results,” said manager Chris Ippolito. Feedback that results in action taken by leaders increases employee engagement, which in then positively influences performance while decreasing turnover. This piece should be a must read for all TINYpulse administrators!

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