TINYpulse Tips: Using Segments To Filter Your Responses

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Sep 2, 2013

Since culture can be so specific to departments or locations, we've provided the ability to create segments within your account to filter results by. For example, if you have multiple locations, you can group all the employees in New York, Shanghai, and London into segments. Then you can easily see your overall Happiness results and then filter by office location. Of course you can also create segments for functions or departments, like Marketing versus Finance versus Customer Delight. This pinpoints specific areas of your company that are high performing or exhibit opportunities for improvement.

Please note for anonymity reasons, each segment must have at least five users in the segment and each user can only be assigned to one segment.

Creating Segments

To create segments in your account, go to the Users tab and then click on "Manage Segments" from the drop-down menu.

Assigning Segments

After creating segments, administrators can assign users to them by proceeding to the "Manage Users" option in the drop-down menu. You can then select the appropriate segment for each user. Once you select the appropriate segment, the user will be updated automatically. For bulk segment assignation, you can forward us a spreadsheet for a quick upload. 


Filtering by Segment

Once users are assigned to segments, you can view the individual segments clicking on your organization name under the "Insights" tab. The default view will be of your entire organization. To switch from viewing a segment to viewing your entire organization, click "All Responses". Segment data will only be viewable once 5 responses from that particular segment have been submitted.


Note: In an effort to protect anonymity, when a user is assigned to a segment or is changed from one segment to another, their responses will only be included in that segment in surveys going forward, not retroactively. Want to filter responses even further than a single segment? Check out our filters feature.

You can see how segments compare against one another by going to the Compare Segments area of your dashboard. 




As always, if you have any questions about this or any of our TINYpulse Tips, feel free to email us at happiness@TINYpulse.com:

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