Top HR and Company Culture News of the Week- August 26, 2013

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Aug 26, 2013

perfect_fitCompany culture is vital for all companies, not just those in exciting industries. Scott McFarlane, CEO of sales-tax assisting company Alvalara, knows this well. Although the world of sales tax can be rather boring, McFarlane works hard to make his company culture exude excitement. Miles Kohrman of Fast Company wrote a piece on the ways McFarlane has infused color into his company culture, from wearing an orange (Alvalara's company color) piece of clothing every day to using a tiki bar as a convention booth. McFarlane stated on his company culture, ""I never wanted to give up our roots or our culture. I think culture is Avalara's competitive advantage and I haven’t wanted to change anything at all. It’s who we are and what we are."

Oddball-Interview-Questions As covered massively over the last few months, the rate of employee engagement these days is abysmal nationwide. "84% of employees either strongly or somewhat agree with the statement, 'Sometimes I feel trapped in my current job and want to find a new position elsewhere," writes Laura Vanderkam. Posing the question, "How do you know if your employees love you," Vanderkam contributes tips for leaders to review in order to determine the answer to that question. This one is a great read for any leader who wonders if the engagement issue is affecting their company.

smiley faceWhile employee engagement remains a big issue around the nation, there are many companies that are truly succeeding in improving employee happiness and engagement. Jacqueline Smith of Forbes reports on the 10 companies with the biggest jumps in employee happiness. With examples of what they're doing to improve employee happiness, Smith provides an excellent resource for leaders who are interested in actively learning how they can follow suit in their own companies.

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