TINYpulse Tips: New and Improved Thank You for Submitting Page

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Aug 26, 2013

One of the most frequent feature requests we've received is for users to be able to see all of their past TINYpulse Cheers for Peers(TM) in one place. We're happy to announce that we are providing that ability and more on our new Thank You for Submitting page starting with this week's TINYpulse! We're very excited for you and your team to be able to see all of their recognition in one place every time they complete their TINYpulse.

This new page will appear once you have responded to the current week's TINYpulse. The new page also displays when users began TINYpulsing in the top right corner. Underneath it, we'll also highlight how many TINYpulses they've responded to in a row. 


Lastly, our Honey Badger t-shirts are super popular among the lucky few who have already received one:

Peter Chee Honey Badger TINYpulse Shirt

Now, anyone who TINYpulses can receive one. If they refer someone who ends up subscribing:
a. Their organization will get 50% off * one month
b. The referred organization will get their 1st month at 50% off*
c. The referrer will get a super cool, limited edition ;) honey badger shirt
*50% discount limited to $100

Referral links will be viewable and shareable on the new page.

Admins can always access their referral code in the dashboard, in the "Referrals and Credits" page under "Settings" as seen below:

Please let us know if you have any other feedback or suggestions as we continuously improve TINYpulse based on your feedback plus your team's feedback. You can always reach us at happiness@tinypulse.com

Thanks for your continued support. To happier employees!

To refer to all of our TINYpulse Tips, click here and check out the full list of TINYpulse Tips.

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