TINYpulse Tips – Sharing TINYpulse Responses With Your Team

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Aug 19, 2013

When we architected TINYpulse, the two main building blocks were anonymity and sharing the feedback with the respondents. There's only one thing worse than not giving feedback: giving feedback and never following up regarding the provided feedback. So we make it easy to edit and share feedback. You will also see the option to share your "Cheers Feed" and "Wall of Wins". For now, however, we'll focus on just sharing the results of your previous TINYpulse.

The "Share" feature can easily be found in the middle of the toolbar on your TINYpulse dashboard.

Once you click on "Share TINYpulse Results", you'll be directed to the page where you can manage your reports before you share any of your previous TINYpulses. From here, you can view segments, filter users, and preview your report before you send it out to your employees. You'll also have the option to hide Virtual Suggestion comments or add notes/private message which we will discuss below. 

Note: Sharing a current TINYpulse survey before it has closed will automatically upload any users' responses, Virtual Suggestions, or Cheers for Peers in real time. 





At the top of the Share page, administrators can choose to compose a note to be displayed above the responses. Many administrators use this space to plan for a time when results will be discussed (i.e. next all-hands meeting).


For our own TINYpulse responses, we at TINYpulse share every response; the good, bad, and ugly. While this is the best practice for us, administrators are free to hide any comment that they'd prefer to not share back, by simply clicking "Hide" next to the intended response. Any response elected to be hidden will not show up in the shared view.

Note:Users also have the option to keep any virtual suggestion "private", which makes sharing it back impossible for administrators.


Segments and Filters

For companies that use the "segments" feature, sharing by segments or filters is an option. To do this, simply click "Share TINYpulse Results" on the dashboard, select the desired segment, and the results shown will be limited to the selected segment or filter.

Notes and Private Messages

Administrators can add notes or send private messages to any qualitative response to the weekly question and any virtual suggestion. To do this, first return to the "Share TINYpulse Results" page then click on the current survey link. Next, click the "Take an Action" drop-down menu and select the appropriate action you'd like to take. These notes will then be viewable in the shared link. Private messages will NOT be viewable in any shared lnk.  

Preview and Share

When you are finished preparing your results, you can choose to preview your customized share and view the shareable link. To do this, click either "Preview" button, located at the top of the page. You'll be taken to a page to take a look at exactly what your viewers will see when they click provided on the preview page.

Your custom URL can now be shared with your team so that you can share and take action on the feedback provided.

Please let us know if you have any other feedback or suggestions as we continuously improve TINYpulse based on your feedback plus your team's feedback. You can always reach us at happiness@tinypulse.com

Thanks for your continued support. To happier employees!


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