Top HR and Company Culture News – August 13, 2013

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Aug 12, 2013

leadershipWhile company culture is dynamic and should allow for fluidity over time, building one has to be very intentional. Scott Elser's recent Inc. piece discusses how company culture is no accident. He writes, "Too often a company’s culture happens by accident rather than design. The next time you are working on business plans, step back from the spreadsheets and product design for a while and think about what it will be like to work there in five years." With the success he's had at building a great culture at his agency, we think his advice is extremely valuable for anyone starting a new company or refreshing their company's culture.

leader1Good leadership is more than about just getting things done at a company. It also means leading people, developing employees so that everyone is always improving. William Powell writes, "One thing that leadership MUST do is influence, maintain and perpetuate culture." He includes 4 key rules for being a successful leader of company culture, from doing recruitment right to letting the culture influence strategy. He continues, "Ideally, people should be hired for Character, Chemistry, Culture & Competence (and in that order of importance) but even the most benevolent of intentions can easily yank culture off course." It's a great take on the complex responsibilities a good leader must take on to ensure a fantastic workplace culture.

iStock_000010361595XSmallThis isn't a topic that comes up often, but according to one article, it's a fact that men are more likely that women to be engaged in the workplace. Elyssa Thome writes that a recent survey had results that "indicate today’s most engaged employees are males, age 50 or older, who hold senior-level positions, and have been with an organization for at least 15 years." She continues by explaining what the implications are for the unbalanced engagement rates and what leaders can do to support to improve the situation at their own companies.

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