Top HR and Company Culture News – August 9, 2013

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Aug 8, 2013

dynamicleaderStartups are known for putting a big emphasis on company culture. Some startup founders have become famous for their approach to creating a great workplace environment. Dani Fankhauser's recent piece details 5 ways to build a strong culture as told by some startup founders. Including the founders of Buffer, SumAll, Stella & Dot, SinglePlatorm, and Toms, Fankauser's article gives fantastic advice to anyone who is just starting or wants to refresh their culture. From documenting your values to being transparent, this guide features some of the most popular trends in the "workplace 2.0" culture world.

culturechangeCompany culture has become an extremely hot topic in the last several years. As it's still somewhat new, there's some confusion based around WHO is responsible for creating and maintaining that culture. Jocelyn Aucoin recently wrote a great piece on the challenges of building company culture. She wrote, "In order to understand anything to the best of your ability, you have to know it's roots. You have to know who or what created it. This, of course, is where the topic gets complicated. Is culture something that is created? Something that just "appears"? Should it be defined by the leadership or collected, in a sense, from the people?" The article poses these great questions and includes some other really valuable insights.

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